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Industrial electrical engineering circular M12 connectors for from Low pressure injection molding

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Low pressure nylon plastic injection molding is one of the production processes of circular connectors for electrical equipment. It has low cost, high waterproof reliability, high temperature resistance and chemical pollution resistance. It can be used around the equipment for a long time. This molding process is: components are installed into the mold, mold is closed, preheated, injected, settled or vacuumed, heated and solidified, demoulded, and products are produced

 M12 connector inner injection mold

M12 connector injection mold  m12 connector tooling

In this process, the factors that affect the accuracy of industrial electrical equipment are heating temperature, time, pressure, purity and viscosity of nylon particles, temperature control drop of equipment, these parameters, which can be mastered in the production process to make a good product. It can be effectively bonded with any line material, achieving the highest level of waterproof and airtight performance, and the highest temperature steaming Air tight standard. It is the best production process to produce industrial electrical circular connector to achieve high-performance waterproof, the most concise production process, so that your products are competitive in the industry.

AISG C091 connector Low pressure injection molding

AISG C091 CONNECTORM16 connector tooling

Low pressure injection molding production process : Download Industrial low pressure injection production process details PDF file. 

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