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For sale Industrial circular M12 connector function and application

Time:2020-02-13 00:32:02 Hits: 1448

In the field of industrial equipment industry, every equipment is inseparable from power input, signal input, signal output and power output, so a reliable connector is generally needed to act as the connection carrier. This kind of connector has many shapes, such as rectangular connector, elliptical connector, threaded connector, quick connect connector, and of course, circular connector or circular M12 connector. Today we will introduce the definition and function of circular connector / circular connector, and where to use it.

     m12 connector

         Circular connector, whose shape is regular circle, is known to be square, rectangle and circle, which is calculated by area. In the same length of shape fitting, the circle area is the largest. When the circle is cut into cross-section, the internal space of the circular connector is the largest, so it is called circular connector. The circular connector can be connected by thread, It can also be connected by quick lock structure, and can also be connected by push-pull self-locking. Therefore, it can be divided into screw connector, quick lock connector and push-pull self-locking connector.

     M12 cable

          What is the function of circular connector? There are many functions, such as waterproof function used in water, waterproof with different IP grades, IP67 waterproof and IP68 waterproof are the most commonly used functions, used in aviation equipment, it has the function of aviation environment, super air tightness, super UV resistance, super pressure resistance, etc. Circular connectors are the most widely used and reliable in industrial equipment. They are also used in aerospace, rail transit, new energy, solar power and other fields to connect harsh outdoor indoor interconnection system.


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