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Electrical circular M12 connector IP69K

Time:2020-02-25 21:19:51 Hits: 1317

Electrical circular M12 connector is a kind of circular shape, which is used for the interconnection of industrial equipment to provide power and signal communication, or a kind of bridging object for disassembly and maintenance, and to connect the necessary media of machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is called circular connector. The industry is electrical electrical equipment, which is also used in industrial electrical equipment industry.

M12 connectors

This kind of M12 connector needs to pass the certification of IEC international electrical standards. Generally, it has good plug-in performance, good detachable maintenance, good outdoor application, good air tightness protection, and the most critical indicator is good electrical communication performance or stable power supply current transmission performance. To meet these requirements, it becomes a real circular electrical M12 connector.

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