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USB-C waterproof connectors|Connector Technical Requirements

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USB-C waterproof connectors

Plug-in connections are used for any device or component that needs to be temporarily connected. Its application scope is as broad as the technical requirements of the connector system (see Table 1). Electrical contact basically has two main tasks: mechanical separation of electrical connections in closed positions and non-destructive transmission of electrical energy.

In order to achieve this, connectors must meet several technical requirements, including low contact resistance and stability; high thermal conductivity to achieve lower electric heat and higher current carrying capacity; low insertion and pull-out forces to enable connectors to have good wear resistance; and similarly, it must be able to withstand such impact, vibration, humidity and industry. External effects such as environment (corrosion resistance).

Therefore, these technical requirements and reliability of the connector system are not only limited by the contact surface used, but also affected by many different physical characteristics which depend on each other. Its performance is defined by the shape of the contact parts, the number of contact points, the forward force and the relaxation characteristics of the substrate. To facilitate the introduction of contact surfaces, the connector structure should be briefly outlined first, and then the contact area should be more specifically outlined.

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