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Waterproof structure design|low cost box design solution|prototype making verification

Time:2019-04-03 20:00:40 Hits: 2377

Waterproof structure design services, we designed the product waterproof structure can be said to be completely no problem, but for the reasons of poor waterproof generally plastic deformation, waterproof surface is not in a line, O-ring preloading is too loose or too tight, structural stiffness is not enough, uneven screw distribution or slippery teeth, etc. The malpractice of plastic deformation is obvious and easy to occur. There are many ways to improve it, such as improving the rubber mouth, transporting water, strengthening the bone, increasing the slope of demoulding, etc. For some products, the cause of deformation may also be caused by the shape limitation leading to the need for curved surface parting of front and rear shells, or by the large change of the wall thickness of plastic parts caused by too small internal space.

Some products are prone to deformation due to the influence of residual stress of plastic beer plastics, and need to be waterproof. In order to reduce deformation, in addition to strengthening bone, increasing demoulding inclination and increasing ejection position, fixture positioning and shaping should be done when the product beer plastics come out when necessary, and natural cooling in warm water to reduce residual stress. In some products, transparent mirrors should also be and after. The shell is waterproof through O-ring. It is suggested that the LCD and PCB should be wrapped in a metal cover of 0.15, and the screw should be fixed on the lens, so that the plastic beer plastic deformation will be smaller.

In the process of design, orange industrial design has accumulated quite a wealth of waterproof structure treatment methods. For some products with waterproof requirements, in the early stage of ID design, we will avoid the bad waterproof caused by the shape and structure, and avoid the O-ring to make irregular curved surface. Generally speaking, if the waterproof line is not coherent after the upper and lower cover, it is not on one surface. Water effect is mostly not good, even to the shape of ultrasound treatment effect will not be good, should be avoided as far as possible, so there are certain requirements for designers, they need to know certain structural knowledge, in the early stage of ID modelling design, to avoid such modelling.

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