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A New Type of Intelligent Rescue Design Swimming Ring

Time:2019-03-31 22:23:35 Hits: 1775

This product structure design is specially designed for salvage bureau, maritime bureau, government official law enforcement boat, sightseeing boat, marine engineering ship rescue team and other supporting design of intelligent electric remote control lifebuoy.

It is widely used for quick rescue and emergency support of various kinds of water falling accidents at sea, rivers and lakes, as well as for personal yacht consumption and entertainment.

The new U-shaped design is more conducive to maintaining the direction and speed of progress in the waves, and more convenient for the support and dependence of the landers. The new high-power motor propulsion system allows the lander to swim without using his own power. Just support the golden frog life buoy to bring it to a safe place.


The new software development makes the operation more reliable and convenient. It has two characteristics of turning over. It can throw the product into the water at will without turning over.

Humanized design, reliable operation, give your life more reliable.

Find the target: Find the target drop the golden frog man maneuver to the target at high speed rescue carry back.

_Automatic rescue: automatic target finding, rescue personnel are equipped with special bracelets (multi-functional waterproof positioning bracelets). Through the identification of the positioning system, the help-seeking target can be found automatically. One button to start, launching can be used by remote control and maneuver.

Remote rescue: Rescue by remote control can rescue target strangers within 3 km (within sight range).


Product advantages:

Fast speed: Product design field belongs to professional rescue robot life buoy. Driving 15 kilometers per hour, remote control range of 3 kilometers. At a speed of 5 meters per second, a distance of 100 meters can be reached in 25 seconds.

Easy to operate: Intelligent products, without the need for ship driving technology, only through the operation of remote control handles can make the intelligent frogman to reach the help-seeker.

Control mode double insurance:

Use handles wireless remote control;

Use remote control APP function for remote control;

Rescue No Blind Zone: In addition to carrying intelligent remote control GPS positioning, the front end of Golden Frog Man is equipped with a 100 degree wide angle, high definition camera. In order to facilitate the flood disaster, people trapped in dead corners caused by flooded areas, artificial rescue will cause life danger. Intelligent products, good structural design has solved this problem which has not been solved for many years. The design product can transmit the data of trapped people in dead corner accurately and correctly through high-definition camera, and then transmit it to remote control APP, so that rescuers can send golden frog people to the trapped dead corner to rescue the victims and save a certain time.

Maintenance cost is low: using battery power supply, light weight, frog body 8kg, remote control 3km.

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