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M12 connectors waterproof circular connector cable assembly introduce

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Waterproof Connector forms and structures are ever-changing. With the different application objects, frequencies, power, application environment and so on, there are various forms of connectors. Due to the increasingly diversified structure of connectors and the emergence of new structures and applications, it is not suitable to attempt to solve the problem of classification and naming with a fixed pattern. Nevertheless, Shenzhen ximeconn connector electronics summarizes some basic classifications for you here. According to the function of internal and external connection of electronic equipment, interconnection can be divided into five levels.

(1) Internal Connection of Chip Packaging

The connection between IC package pin and PCB. The typical connector is IC socket.

The connection between printed circuit and wire or printed circuit board. Typical connectors are printed circuit connectors.

The connection between the floor and the floor. Typical connector is cabinet type connector.

Connection between equipment and equipment. Typical products are circular connectors.

The above classification of connector product types is somewhat confusing. Technically, there are only two basic ways to classify connector product categories:

(1) According to working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (dividing low frequency and high frequency by 3MHz is basically the same as that of radio wave.)

(2) According to the shape structure: circular and rectangular (connector cross-section shape). For example, coaxial connectors are circular, printed circuit connectors are rectangular (historically, printed circuit connectors are indeed separated from rectangular connectors into a class), while the popular rectangular connectors have trapezoidal cross-sections, which are similar to rectangular ones.

It can be seen that circular connectors are the most common and common among all kinds of connectors.

In a broad sense, circular connectors include low frequency circular connectors, radio frequency coaxial connectors and audio connectors. Its cylindrical structure has natural firmness and higher strength than any other shape. The plugs and sockets of circular connectors are mostly connected by threads. Their terminals can range from two to hundreds. They have the characteristics of small size and high reliability, and can meet the needs of cable connection between electronic devices.

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