M23 Series

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M23 cable assembly

M23 cable assembly

M23 connector product features:
• Strong acid, alkali, chemical cleaner/reagent properties
• Oil Resistance, Coolant, Lubricant and Emulsion Properties
• Welding Spark Resistance, Frequent Torsion Resistance, Bending Resistance
• It is suitable for the worst environmental applications such as petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing, etc.
• Reduce wiring to enable rapid commissioning of equipment
• Good mechanical and electrical performance ensures stability and reliability.
• Process-related operation and function indication LED can realize fault diagnosis.
• Reduced downtime and maintenance time
• The shielded connector has good anti-EMI performance.

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M23 Power Power Circle Connector focuses on transmitting power and signals. The product has high current carrying capacity and can transmit signals. The Han < M23 series has been further expanded to provide adequate supply of signals and power as the key lifeblood of industry. Applications include: transmission technology and all areas that require increasingly stringent requirements for vibration safety, dust and waterproof and other external mechanical effects. In addition, it can also be used in applications requiring effective shielding of electromagnetic interference. Ximeconn's M23 Power power circular connector was displayed at SPS IPC Drives Fair, Nuremberg Automation Exhibition

M23 Power power circular connector can meet IP 67/69K protection level requirements when its solid shell is closed - making it particularly suitable for harsh industrial environments. Since the connector can be assembled without tools, it is suitable for both on-site assembly and batch production. The maximum voltage range of the power plug can reach 630 V AC, and the maximum current carrying capacity can reach 28 A. It can transmit a large amount of power in a small installation space. Consistent with contact plug-ins, M23 series can provide a variety of enclosures: right angle, bend angle and rotatable sleeve enclosures, as well as a variety of plate-piercing and coupling enclosures, thus perfectly adapting to the requirements of various environments.

connector plug-ins in this series, such as M23 Signal circular connectors (6-19 poles) and M23 Power circular connectors (6-9 poles), are plug-compatible with most other types of M23 circular connectors available on the market. Especially its fast and safe insertion process ensures the comfort of ximeconn's Com Lock locking system.


Rated current at 40 degree C is 1.5A

Rated voltage 30 V

Digit 17

Insulation Resistance (> 100 M_)

Error-proof coding A-standard

Standard/Specification M12 Pin Plug Connector IEC 61076-2-101

Status Display No

Protective Circuits/Components Not Connected

Surge Voltage Class II

Pollution Level 3

Torque 0.4 Nm (M12 plug connector)

Material Science

Copper-Zinc Coating for Contact Material

Material Contact Surface Ni/Au

Contact Carrier Material PBT/PA 66

Fixture body material PUR

Coil Material Nickel-Copper Plating

Sealing material FKM


Cable type black PUR/PVC twisted pair

Cable type (abbreviation) 35T

Wire cross section 0.14 mm_

AWG, signal line 26

Line structure signal line 18x 0.10 mm

Core diameter (including insulating layer) 1 mm (+0.05 mm)

Wire color white-brown, green-yellow, grey-pink, blue-red, black-purple, grey/pink-red/blue, white/green-brown/green, white/yellow/brown-white/grey

8 pairs of main strand cores are twisted on filler cores

Sn-plated copper wire for shielding screen

85% of shielding cover for optical cable

Jacket, black RAL 9005

Cable outer diameter 9.20 mm

Bending times 2000000

Bending radius 92 mm

Transverse trajectory 10 m

Lateral velocity 3 m/s

Acceleration 10 m/s

Outer sheath, material PUR

Material, inner sheath PVC

Conductor insulating material PVC

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