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Vehicle hybrid, electric vehicle battery pack management system (BMS) signal waterproof connector

Time:2020-04-05 10:04:17 Hits: 1687

Vehicle hybrid, electric vehicle battery pack management system (BMS) signal waterproof connector. It is suitable for real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, SOC estimation, mileage estimation, short circuit protection, leakage detection, display alarm, charging and discharging mode selection of the parameters of the power integrated battery of the battery pack of the electric vehicle, as well as the signal connection with the vehicle integrated controller or the charging motor for information exchange through the way of CANbus, which is electric, waterproof and vibration proof connector.


The structure of the utility model is composed of a screw cap splicing type socket and a plug; Nut clamping socket includes nut clamping socket shell, connecting clamp cap, plastic dust cover, wave ring, anti jump ring, connecting clamp cap retaining ring, crimping Jack insulator, crimping jack assembly, cable cover shell, rubber sealing ring, plastic dust cover, shell retaining ring, O-type rubber ring, gasket, stop gasket, hexagon clamping cap, cable sheath, clamp plate and welding plug The plug consists of a plug housing, a plug housing retaining ring and a waterproof tail accessory part.


In practical application, aiming at the corrosion phenomenon of the gold-plated brass connecting piece of a battery pack connector in the process of damp heat test, the material of the connecting piece and the process design of the battery pack are analyzed. The results show that the corrosion of the connecting piece is mainly due to the poor quality of the surface coating, partial or even missing plating, and insufficient thickness;

Battery pack connector


Another reason is that the encapsulation glue of the battery pack may release phosphoric acid substances under high temperature and high humidity, which may induce the corrosion of the connector. Finally, a series of suggestions are put forward for the quality control of the connector according to the above reasons: the first improvement of the electrodeposited coating is changed from the initial brass substrate with nickel bottom of 50 micromm and gold plating of 1 micromm to the copper substrate with nickel bottom of 100 micromm - increase the activation of the bottom and gold plating of 2 micromm. The composition of the package glue is improved, and the phosphoric acid mixture which is easy to release gas is changed into the glue without gas release.


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