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Medical equipment ISO18562 ventilator EN 60601-2-12-2006 monitoring instrument GB 9706.28-2007 cable assembly plastic metal connector push pull self-locking connector

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Medical equipment ISO18562 ventilator connector EN 60601-2-12-2006 monitoring instrument connector of IEC 62040 applies to UPS units intended to be installed– as a unit or in UPS systems comprising a number of interconnected UPS and associated control/switchgear forming a single power system; and – in any operator accessible area or in separated electrical locations, connected to low-voltage supply networks for either industrial or residential, commercial and light industrial environments.This part of IEC 62040 is intended as a product standard allowing the EMC conformity assessment of products of categories C1, C2 and C3 as defined in this part of IEC 62040, before placing them on the market. Equipment of category 4 is treated as a fixed installation. Checking is generally done after installation in its final place of use. Sometimes partial checking may be done before. See Annex E The requirements have been selected so as to ensure an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for UPS at public and industrial locations. These levels cannot, however, cover extreme cases, which may occur in any location but with extremely low probability of occurrence.This part of IEC 62040 takes into account the differing test conditions necessary to encompass the range of physical sizes and power ratings of UPS. A UPS unit or system shall meet the relevant requirements of this part of IEC 62040 as a stand-alone product. EMC phenomena produced by any customers' load connected to the output of the UPS equipment shall not be taken into account. Special installation environments are not covered, nor are fault conditions of UPS taken into account. This part of IEC 62040 does not cover d.c. supplied electronic ballast or UPS based on rotating machines.

GB 9706.28-2007 cable assembly plastic metal connector push pull self-locking connector The outer surface of enclosure equipment includes: all accessible metal parts, knobs, handles and similar parts; accessible shafts; and metal foil of specified size on the outer surface of parts made of low conductivity materials or insulating materials for test purposes. 2.1.7 F-type isolated (floating) applied part (hereinafter referred to as F-type application part) is the application part isolated from other parts of the equipment. The insulation of the application part is achieved when the unexpected voltage from the outside is connected to the patient, and therefore When applied between the application part and the ground, the current flowing between them shall not exceed the allowable value of the patient leakage current in a single fault state.

A part of a signal input part device, but not an application part, used to receive voltage or current of an input signal from other devices, such as for display, recording, or data processing (see Figure 1). 2.1.19 signal output part a part of the equipment, but not the application part, which is used to output the voltage or current of the signal to other equipment, such as for display, recording or data processing (see Figure 1). 2.1.20 not used. 2.1.21 supply equipment 2.1.22 accessible part the part of equipment that can be reached without tools.

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