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UL standard numbers notes UL4 to UL4730

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UL standard numbers notes

UL4 : Armored Cable 铠装电缆

UL13Power-Limited Circuit Cables 功率限制电路电缆

UL44Thermoset-Insulated Wires and Cables 热固性绝缘电线电缆

UL62Flexible Cords and Cables 电源软线

UL66Fixture Wire 固定安装线

UL83Thermoplastic-Insulated Wires and Cables 热塑性绝缘电线电缆

UL83AFluoropolymer Insulated Wire 氟塑料绝缘电线

UL444Communications Cables 通信电缆

UL493Thermoplastic-Insulated Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cables 热塑绝缘地下馈线和分支电路电缆

UL504Outline for Mineral-Insulated Metal-Sheathed Cable 矿物绝缘金属护套电缆

UL509Outline for Bus Drop Cable 母线落缆

UL523Outline for Telephone Service Drop Wire 电话架空引入线

UL719Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cables 非金属护套电缆

UL758Appliance Wiring Material 电子线

UL814Gas-Tube-Sign Cable 气管标志电缆

UL854Service-Entrance Cables 进户线

UL1063Machine-Tool Wires and Cables 机床电线电缆

UL1072Medium-Voltage Power Cables 中压电缆

UL1263Outline for lrrigation Cables 灌溉电缆

UL1276Outline for Welding Cable 焊接电缆

UL1277Electrical Power and Control Tray Cables with Optional Optical-Fiber Members


UL1309Marline Shipboard Cable 船用电缆

UL1371Outline for Pump Cable Submersed in Diesel Exhaust Fluid(DEF) 浸入柴油废气油液中的泵电缆

UL1377Outline for Wire used in Low Voltage Seasonal Lighting Products In Circuits With a Maximum Available Power of 15W 最大可用功率为15W的电路中用于低压季节性照明产品的电线

UL1385Outline for Cryogenic Submersible Pump Cable 低温潜水泵电缆

UL1424Cables for Power-Limited Fir-Alarm Circuits 功率限制火警电路用电缆

UL1425Cables for Non-Power-Limited Fir-Alarm Circuits 非功率限制火警电路用电缆

UL1426Elextrical Cables for Boats 船用电缆

UL1462Outline for Mobile Home Pipe Heating Cable 移动房管道加热电缆

UL1493Outline for Underground Low-Energy Circuit Cable 地埋低能量电路电缆

UL1569Metal-Clad Cables 金属铠装电缆

UL1551Outline for Sprinkler Systems Wire 喷水灭火系统电缆

UL1650Portable Power Cable 便携式电力电缆

UL1651Optical Fiber Cable 光缆

UL1655Community-Antenna Television Cables 公用天线电视电线

UL1673Electric Space Heating Cables 电加热电缆

UL1680Outline for stage and Lighting Cables 舞台灯光电缆

UL1690Data-Processing Cable 数据处理电缆

UL1839Automotive Battery Booster Cables 汽车蓄电池增加机电缆

UL2029Outline for Gas/Vapor-Blocked Cable Classified for Use in Class I Hazardous(Classified) Locations 用于1级危险(已分级)位置的气体/蒸汽阻隔电缆

UL2049Outline for Residential Pipe Heating Cable 住宅采暖电缆

UL2225Cables and Cable-Fittings For Use In Hazardous (Classified)Locations


UL2250Instrumentation Tray Cable 仪表盘电缆

UL2261Outline for Cables For Network-Powered Broadband Communications Systems


Subject2263 UL: Electric Vehicle Cable 电动车电缆

UL2273Outline for Festoon Cable 垂挂电缆

UL2276Outline for Recreational Vehicle Cable 野营休闲车电缆

UL2277Outline for Flexible Motor Supply Cable and Wind Turbine Tray Cable


UL2464Outline for Cable Marked ”Limited Combustible” 标记为“Limited Combustible”


UL2460Nonshielded Cable 无屏蔽电缆

UL2562Outline for Pendant Cable 吊缆

UL2563Outline for Heat Resistant Wire 耐热电线

UL2571Outline for lrrigation Feeder, Control, and Signal Cables 灌溉用馈线,控制和信号电缆

UL2592Low Voltage LED Wire 低压LED 导线

UL2726Outline for Battery Lead Wire 电池引线

UL2731Outline for Telecommunication Central Offiec Power, Battery, and Distribution Cables


UL2733Outline for Surface Vehicle On-Board Cable 车载电缆

UL2806Outline for Heavy Duty Flexible Power Cable 重型柔性电力电缆

UL2880Outline for Limited-Power Wire and Cable Using Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors


UL2882Outline for Radio Head Cable 无线电头电缆

UL2903 Outline for solar Tracker Power and Control Cable 太阳能跟踪器电源和控制电源

UL2988Outline for Universal Hybrid Power and Signal/Control Cables


UL2989Outline for Tracer Wire 示踪线

UL3003Outline for Distributed Generation Cables 分布式发电电缆

UL3566Outline for Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors 铜包铝导线

UL4000Outline for High Speed Cables 高速电缆

UL4127Outline for Low Voltage Battery Cable 低压电池电缆

UL4299Outline for Power Over HDBaseT (PoH)Cables HDBaseT(PoH)供电电缆

UL4703Photovoltaic Wire 光伏电线


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