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How to use Product iQ to query UL certificates?

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In the first case, we know the validity and authentication information of the certificate, such as the file number or the information of the certificate holder.

1. Enter Product iQ and the following pages appear. Take UL 810 capacitance file number E501955 as an example, enter UL file number "E501955" directly in the search bar to search:

2. Enter the corresponding list of authentication information

There are two columns here. The first column is the U.S. Standard UL Certificate and the second column is the Canadian CSA Standard Certificate. The corresponding Canadian CUL Certificate will be marked "for Canada". If there are multiple columns in the list, there are multiple files with the same applicant or different types of products with the same files, which is an increase in product categories. (For example, we chose the file with UL and CUL certification.) 

4. If you also want to know the criteria on which certification is based or some other information (e.g. acceptable conditions for parts, Marking requirements, etc.)

You can click "See General Information for Capacitors - Component" to enter the corresponding page to query: 

In the second case, we know the standard or other requirements and would like to consult the manufacturer, such as:

Who has pressure sensitivity?

UL 1449-

Volts 320Vac, In 0.5KA

Volts 150 Vac or more, In 3 KA

Volts 350Vac or more, In 5KA

Volts 550 Vdc or above, In 20 KA

Recent consultation DC Rating varistor customers more, we look for Volts 550 Vdc, In 20 KA varistors as an example, while trying to find manufacturers in China.

1. After entering the query website, click iQ Family of Databases on the left


2. Input queries according to conditions

Choose "China" in Country.

SPD Type "enter" 5 ".

AC/DC/PV: Enter "DC".

Nom. Dischg. Current Rating (kA): Enter "20".

Volts (V) input ">= 550"

Click "SEARCH" to enter the search results page


3. By inquiring in turn and referring to the factory address, it is very easy to find the corresponding varistors. At the same time, many other factories in China can also be found.

This is a simple tutorial for UL certificate query. You can try it. If you don't understand, please click UL CONNECTOR.

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