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M16 waterproof connector | Aviation Plug

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M16 Flexible towline cable

Insulation resistance refers to the resistance value presented by applying voltage to the insulating part of the connector, which causes leakage current on the surface or inside of the insulating part. That is, insulation resistance (M_) = voltage (V) / leakage current (muA) added to the insulator. The insulation resistance of the connector is tested to determine whether the insulation performance of the connector meets the requirements of circuit design or whether it meets the requirements of relevant technical conditions when it is subjected to environmental stresses such as high temperature and humidity.

Insulation resistance is a limiting factor in designing high impedance circuits. Low insulation resistance means high leakage current, which will destroy the normal operation of the circuit. For example, the formation of feedback loop, excessive leakage current generated by thermal and direct current electrolysis, will cause insulation damage or make the electrical performance of connectors worse. Influencing factors of 1.2M16 aviation plug

It is mainly affected by insulation material, temperature, humidity, contamination, test voltage and the duration of continuous application of test voltage.

1) M16 Aviation Plug Insulation Material

It is very important to choose the insulation material when designing electrical connectors. It often affects the stability and qualification of the insulation resistance of subsequent products. For example, a factory used acetaldehyde glass fibre plastics and reinforced nylon as insulators. These materials contain polar genes and have high hygroscopicity. The insulation performance can meet the product requirements at room temperature, but the insulation performance is not up to standard at high temperature and humidity. After using special engineering plastics PES (polyphenylene ether sulfone) material, the insulation resistance of the product has little change after wet test at 200 1000 h and 240 h, and it is still above 105M without abnormal change. 2) M16 Aviation Plug Temperature

High temperature will destroy the insulating material, resulting in reduced insulation resistance and voltage resistance. For metal shells, high temperature can make contact parts lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation and cause coating deterioration. If GJB598 is used to produce environmental fast separation connector series 2 products, the insulation resistance should be no less than 5000M at 25 C, and no less than 500M at 200 C.

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