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Solar cable connectors

Time:2019-01-27 22:06:56 Hits: 1603

 Solar pv cable connector Specification :

 Snap-in locking

·  Locking by safety lock clip PV-cables in accordance with NEC 2011, can be released only with tool

·  Proven xime technology with high long-term stability, which ensures consistently low performance loss throughout the entire service life of the plug connector

·  Tried and tested plug connectors, 12 years of experience in the field

·  Available for assembly with cross-sections of 10mm²

·  Also available as ready made leads

·  Leads made to customer's specifications

·  The MC4-Evo2 is the latest addition to the xime Connectors PV connector cable connectors

·  Internationally certified with IEC, UL, JET, TUV

·  Approved for 1500 V DC (IEC, JET), 1500 V DC (UL) unrestricted access

·  Suited for all climatic environments thanks to resistance to UV, ammonia, salt-mist spray and high IP class (IP69K)

·  Available as a field and preassembled connector, MC4 tools can be used

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