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Aircraft Port Connector Product Prospects: EN4165

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The port connector used on the aircraft requires light weight, small volume and low power consumption.

The main purpose of the port connector is to make the length, weight, complexity, and cable bundles easy to install. If you don't use port connector on the plane, the manufacture, repair or upgrade the current complex plane is almost impossible, now a plane containing as many as 20 miles or more cables, 200 or more seat belt, and the junction of 15000 or more.

To accomplish this, the us defence industry has been favouring the MIL DTL round connectors, such as 38999, 5015, 26482 and 83723. The main reason is to increase the structural strength; A round hole incision is usually more powerful than an elliptical or rectangular hole incision. The other benefit of these connectors is to make the whole aircraft more versatile. Normally, the MIL-DTL round connector is used as a baseline connector for the aircraft. Choosing these connectors means fewer parts and tools, making repairs on the plane less complicated and expensive.

Modern aircraft use more and more photoelectric cables and connectors. Such as the C4ISR system, which greatly increases size, weight and power consumption, whether manned or not, these factors are key factors that affect aircraft. So electrical system design engineers are looking for ways to solve these three key factors.

Another factor to consider is globalisation of the defence industry. Aircraft sales are global, and each country has its own requirements for aircraft systems. This usually requires the defense contractor to either make costly changes or add additional cables and connectors, which will also affect the size and weight of the electrical interconnect line.

The history of EN4165

In the early 1980s, the French European helicopter company (airbus) was looking for a sturdy modular rectangular connector for tiger attack helicopters. Shortly thereafter, dassault aviation in France also requires rectangular touch on its Falcon 7X system. In order to reduce costs and provide versatility, the European standards commission developed a type of EN specification to meet strict military requirements, which was later called EN4165.

Solution: EN4165

Aerospace and defense industries need to address the issues of size, weight and power consumption, while also considering the additional features and lower costs of modules. Solution: interchangeable standard module, whether in the rectangular connector or bigger and more complex applications, good processing aluminum alloy plate can be easily placed or remove these modules. It should be noted that the mil-dtl round connector is not an interchangeable module. In this case, if you need to make changes, because the system is different, it is more difficult to install what part. Therefore, in many cases, the connector may need to be replaced with a new and different component. In most cases, the same shell size must be used to avoid cutting additional holes in the structure. Another option is to add another connector, which adds more holes and adds cost and weight

The advantages of a modular port connector

Because of the complexity of the aircraft wiring system, it is almost impossible to optimize the round connector in the port connection, so the selection of connector is limited. This increases the number of port connectors. In several recent studies, compared with the conventional MIL - DTL circular connector, modular EN4165 rectangular solution more convenient, EN4165 solutions reduce number of connectors or panel area of 50-70%, which means that the structure will be optimized. Modularity has other advantages that can be quickly and easily loaded and removed.

EN4165 products

The standard modules of EN4165 include signal, power, high data rate, rf, optical fiber, high-density signal module, connection module, EMI shell, and custom design.

The EN4165 rectangular connector has a strong global use. In terms of reliability and maintainability, en 4165 performs well, while improving efficiency, easy installation, reducing the number of parts, saving weight and reducing the cost

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