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Molex Introduces Pico-EZmate Ultra-Thin 1.2mm Pitch-to-Board Connection System

Time:2017-10-28 10:09:35 Hits: 1904

Molex Introduces the Pico-EZmate Ultra-Thin 1.2mm Pitch-to-Board Connector Provides Reliable Connection in a Compact Form Factor while Increasing Reliability and Assembly Speed.

Rick Lee, global product manager at Molex, said: "As consumer electronics are constructed more and more compact, manufacturers are looking to reduce the overall size of the device without compromising reliability or manufacturing flexibility by delivering both 1.2mm The height of the profile and the vertical plug design, Molex small size and powerful package to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.
The vertical plug design of the Pico-EZmate slim 1.2 mm pitch wire-to-board connector provides fast and reliable assembly without the risk of improper connector orientation or incorrect insertion. Anti-misplaced keys to prevent plug wrong insertion, will be raised to a higher level of safety.
The Pico-EZmate slim 1.2mm pitch line-to-board connector is ideal for use in cell phones and tablets, entertainment devices and appliances, making it ideal for electronic applications where device space is at a premium and manufacturing demanded high efficiency. In addition, the overall size of the printed circuit board in the device can be reduced compared to other connectors.

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