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UL 8801 solar photovoltaic lighting system evaluation UL standard lighting energy storage system standard connector

Time:2020-07-11 22:00:23 Hits: 1861

UL, a global safety science expert, recently released ul8801 solar photovoltaic lighting system evaluation outline. This assessment outline describes the safety assessment requirements of relevant components. The standard product components are as follows: product modules 1. Solar photovoltaic components that operate independently or integrated in the lighting system; 2. Batteries (all chemical properties) and charging circuits; 3. Low voltage lamps; 4. Control circuits and related components Auxiliary equipment.

Ul8801 solar photovoltaic lighting system evaluation outline is applicable to the solar photovoltaic lighting system which can be completely separated from the public power grid, and can also be used for the lighting system connected to the power grid, and the solar photovoltaic lighting system with solar photovoltaic modules as auxiliary power supply for batteries or lighting. Ul8801 covers fixed installation, portable or periodic / seasonal use of removable and storage photovoltaic lighting systems, including lighting for residential, commercial, industrial, urban and entertainment areas, such as garden plug-in lights, street and parking lights, park and access lights, safety lighting on buildings, tent lights, camping lights or mobile structures Yes.

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