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Industrial M-series connector UL Test tensile strength and elongation of rubber silicone fluororubber neoprene

Time:2020-05-10 08:49:47 Hits: 1441

The tensile strength and elongation of industrial M-series connector are tested before and after aging respectively. Depending on the material of the product and the products used in the back end, the minimum value and the oven value of the aged are required The minimum percentage of original requirement will be different. 

The tensile strength and elongation before aging will be published on the yellow card. The basic aging conditions are shown in the table below (the left column is the maximum service temperature specified by the customer, and the right column is the corresponding aging temperature and time). If there is special application, additional aging conditions will be involved, and all these information will be recorded on the UL yellow card or the attached page of the UL yellow card.


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