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Power motorcycle lithium battery pack connector test items and methods

Time:2020-05-02 09:05:44 Hits: 1409

Power motorcycle lithium battery pack connector test items and methods  The lithium battery pack test project includes electrochemical performance test, environmental performance test and safety performance test. The purpose is to test the quality of the battery and verify the reliability of the battery. Electrochemical performance test: overcharge protection test, over discharge protection test, over-current protection test, short circuit protection test, life cycle test, capacity test, open circuit voltage / internal resistance test. Environmental performance test: high temperature test, low temperature test, drop test, vibration test, etc. 

battery pack connector box

Safety performance test: overcharge test, overcurrent test, short circuit test, etc. At present, most of the manufacturers of lithium battery pack production line in the market are still testing with the traditional connector male and female seat buckle method, but this can not meet the test requirements at all, it is easy to cause product indentation, and the efficiency is very low, the service life is short, the more the use times to the rear, the more likely to cause the phenomenon of false test. According to the test requirements of lithium battery pack, KZT kaizhitong microelectronics newly developed large current shrapnel micro needle module (blade Block) has the advantages of high test yield, stable connection, over current and small pitch. Its average service life can reach about 20W times, and it will not cause any damage to the connector. It can effectively improve the test efficiency of 3C lithium battery pack and solve the problem of high cost in the test process.

lithium battery pack connector 50A

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