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Technical standard GB 9706.1-2007 infrared forehead temperature handheld tester PT100 thermal resistance GJB 2433a-2011 GB / T 30121-2013

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There are many manufacturers of forehead temperature testing gun in China. Today, when the pre protection equipment is seriously lacking, the demand for this kind of forehead temperature testing gun is greatly increased. The supply is in short supply, and it will last for a long time. The demand at home and abroad is constantly increasing. Its technology is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is the shell. It needs 10 shell accessories to assemble a gun It's made of plastic. The second is the electronic circuit panel display. The third is the thermopile sensor mtp10b7f55 and the power supply battery. These accessories are complete and can be assembled into finished products.

Infrared temperature recording method is used to measure the on-line electrical equipment of forehead temperature testing gun. Infrared temperature recording method is a new technology used in industry for nondestructive detection, testing equipment performance and mastering its operation state. Compared with traditional temperature measurement methods (such as thermocouples, wax chips with different melting points, etc. placed on the surface or body of the object to be measured), the thermal imager can detect the hot spot temperature in real time, quantitatively and online within a certain distance. Through scanning, it can also draw the temperature gradient thermal image of the equipment in operation, with high sensitivity, free from electromagnetic interference, and easy to use on site.


Mtp10b7f55 μ thermopile sensor specification mtp10-b7f55 specification: MEMS thermopile chip to-46 package high sensitivity 5.5 μ m long wave pass filter high precision NTC application: non-contact temperature measurement ear thermometer, forehead thermometer production and manufacturing temperature continuous monitoring consumer electronic products home appliance temperature measurement maximum rated temperature parameter value unit working temperature - 30 ~ + 100 ℃ storage temperature - 40 ~ + 125 Energy parameter value unit condition chip area 1.1 × 1.1mm2 film area 0.75 × 0.75mm2 field of view 83o50% maximum signal thermopile resistance 54 ± 10%.

PT100, also known as platinum thermistor, is a kind of resistance made of metal platinum. Its resistance will change with the change of temperature. 100 after Pt means that its resistance value is 100 ohms at 0 ℃ and about 138.5 ohms at 100 .

Accuracy of Pt100 temperature sensor: the close degree between the measured value and the true value. It includes precision and accuracy.

Accuracy grade of Pt100 temperature sensor: it is divided by the percentage of its allowable error in the scale value of the dial. The larger the accuracy grade, the larger the allowable error in the scale limit value of the dial. The larger the measuring range is, the greater the permissible error of the absolute value of the temperature value measured by the same accuracy level is. In our country, the definition of measuring instrument accuracy grade is: instrument Zui large allowable error / range; it is the value of percentage minus percentage sign.

For PT100 thermistor. Before the range is determined (the service conditions are not determined), the accuracy level cannot be used to express the accuracy, so the allowable error is used to express the accuracy. The allowable error range of platinum thermistor in the above table is extracted from Chinese standard GB / T 30121-2013 industrial platinum thermistor and platinum temperature sensing element.

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