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Twisted spring-wire contact|Twist pin terminal of military medical precision equipment connector

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Twisted spring-wire contact , Twist pin terminal of military medical precision equipment connector:Manufacturing process, quality requirements and mass production technology

Twist-pin terminal

Twist pin contact terminal:The production and manufacturing of twist needle use gold-plated needle and thread to conduct position setting by automatic winding technology in the form of rotating concentric circles according to the standard angle, and use laser welding to weld the two ends of the twist needle. The fusion welding is smooth and firm, and the shape meets the angle design. Tolerance grade: it12, H12, H12. Heat treatment: hv340-360, the inner and outer circle wires are evenly divided, without loose wires and broken wires, Use the 0.58 + 0.01 Jack to check the separation force of the probe: between 0.25N and 0.8N. Beryllium copper C17200 is used for needle and thread, C2680 brass is used for needle body, electroplating requirements: 80u "for the whole bottom and 50U" for gold plating ". This kind of gold plating surface treatment can improve its plug-in resistance up to 50000-100000 times of high performance requirements. The resistance stability reaches the optimal state of all metal plug connection modes, with small volume, good contact and ultra-high times of plug performance.

 Twist-pin terminal

Advantages: hyperbolic angle winding technology for Jack


More than 10000 effective pluggings


Insertion force and pull-out force are small and stable


Very good shock resistance


Low contact resistance


Operating temperature range - 65 ° to 150 ° C


The instantaneous break is less than 1 u s, meeting the requirements of iso8843 color ring


Jack material: copper alloy, needle material: beryllium copper


Surface treatment: thick gold plating to improve plug resistance

Product corresponding to USA MDM, n series products

Precision stranded elastic pin (twist pin) with high contact density

Product performance meets the requirements of gjb2446 (mil83513, mil32139)

Ambient temperature: - 65 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃

Vibration: 10Hz ~ 2000hz294m / s2

Random vibration: power spectral density 1.0g2/hz root mean square value of total acceleration 41.7g

Impact: 1200m / s2

Rated current: 1a, 3a, 5A

Contact resistance: ≤ 10m Ω

Mechanical life: 1000 times

Thickness of gold plating layer: 0.8um, 1.27um or customized


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