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Blockchain technology promotes rapid innovation and growth of circular connector industry

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What is blockchain technology? What is the circular connector industry? What intersection does this technology have with this industry? When these three definitions are explained clearly, it is easy to understand what kind of promotion relationship will take place between them. Blockchain technology is characterized by open and transparent transaction information, global links, tamperability, low transaction cost in the virtual electronic world, and permanent preservation. It is suitable for the application of value transmission between the upper and lower barriers of distrust and the temporary lack of Trust Center, which can solve the problem of high cost and cross center value transmission. The circular connector industry is: all equipment in the world need to achieve stable and reliable interconnection and interworking, need to transmit, strong electricity, weak electricity, signal, frequency, frequency wave, gas or various media of intangibles, this kind of media needs to be manufactured into hardware, which is what this industry produces.

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First of all, blockchain technology will replace the traditional supply chain mode at the point of supply chain in circular connector industry, such as purchasing raw materials to achieve electronic integrated information transfer. The old method is to transfer purchase orders by fax paper. Blockchain will take place in the virtual electronic world. At the same time, it is authoritative and cannot be changed, Fairness and justice exist in the electronic world forever, and in the system that people can trust. It improves the mutual trust relationship between enterprises and does not need to worry about false things to deceive enterprises. With such technology application, tens of thousands of large enterprises, small enterprises, large companies and small companies will not dare to trade because of their credit relationship. The traditional supply chain is because it is difficult for small enterprises to trade with large enterprises because of the high credit risk of small enterprises. To break this barrier, large enterprises can directly connect with small enterprises and purchase costs As a result, it is cost-effective for large enterprises and a development opportunity for small enterprises. It will gradually generate a virtuous circle for the circular connector supply chain industry and promote the development of the industry.

The second driving point is in the payment field. As you know, cross-border e-commerce has flourished in recent years, mainly because the payment field is diversified, and small enterprises can collect money from overseas, and this degree of trust has been accepted by the whole world with the stability of the country. However, the payment is still not advanced enough to collect US dollars in China. Intermediate agents are needed to complete the operation. Blockchain Technology overcomes this shortcoming. This technology enables cross-border payment to provide an open and transparent trading information, global link, non tampering, and low transaction cost permanent preservation system in terms of global trust in insurance, securities, equity registration, crowdfunding and small enterprises in circular connector industry, ushering in rapid docking, rapid completion of cooperation, efficiency and credit Create a virtuous circle and promote the development of the industry.

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The third driving point is in the Internet of things, so that customers can know what state they are purchasing anytime and anywhere, so that they can rest assured that their goods are safe on shore, offshore, etc., and provide security guarantee in the trust degree of the Internet of things. Traditional logistics products are transported through complicated express routes, ports, customs clearance and other complicated procedures. Blockchain technology will effectively promote mutual trust and simplification of procedures in various stages, and break through the bottleneck in efficiency in a straight line, so as to make the goods turnover in the industry fast and meet the general psychology of the rapid needs of the public. Promote regional integration and facilitate global industry integration.


The fourth driving point is anti tampering of electronic contract, data ciphertext storage, paperless, digital rights and interests. Once blockchain forms an open and transparent information, global link, non tampering, and low transaction cost permanent preservation system, which will be universal in the world, break the trust system that only individual public trust institutions can complete before, and greatly provide a circular connector Barriers to industry cooperation. This article is written by ximeconn. Please explain the source of reprint. Anyone who violates it will be punished. Thank you for your cooperation.

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